Facial Mask Sheet, Camellia Face Mask Sheet MP12002

Regular Size: 210mm*210mm

The MOQ is 30,000PCS.

The lead time is 25-35 days.

Printing Mask can be customized according to your requirement.


Camellia mask sheet

Camellia is a famous flower. Camellia oil essence is immitted  into the fiber before processing. When the essence is completely permeated, we use special technique to dry and card the fiber. Finally we get the natural camellia fiber.

The pink camellia mask sheet uses abundant camellia oil, which can effectively moisten dry rough skin. Special design and original color make camellia mask sheet more invisible and accessible.

Extraction of natural plant fiber, this mask sheet has the effect of astringent skin, repair skin, make skin fresh and smooth.

Moisture retention
The super absorbent and moisturizing properties of the fiber make the thinner mask sheet absorb more essence and maintain the effect to care our skin.

The unique fiber and special water processes can effectively prevent the formation of the water film between the mask sheet and skin, and bring breathe freely feeling the skin

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